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Slainte, Ireland! 14.08.2010
Winding Down 11.08.2010
We're in Paris! 07.08.2010
Hallo! 03.08.2010
The Day Before The Day I Go To Germany 31.07.2010
And so begins Part Two of our adventure... 29.07.2010
The end is near.... 21.07.2010
Mind the gap! 17.07.2010
And What Does The Weather Look Like Today, Lindsay? 11.07.2010
Playing Catch Up 07.07.2010
While everyone is away... 05.07.2010
Wednesday already? 30.06.2010
Take Two 28.06.2010
This ones a doozy folks... 25.06.2010
And so school has begun. 21.06.2010
Adventures, Pubs, & Tours 19.06.2010
London Life 18.06.2010
Ohhhh, Canadaaa! 16.06.2010
Prepare for takeoff. 11.06.2010
Let The Countdown Begin! 25.05.2010
Bah humbug, Hostels! 15.04.2010
The Beginning Of The End Of My Stash Of Money 31.03.2010
Fifty euros a day, eh? 26.03.2010