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Bah humbug, Hostels!

Yes. I am a miser.

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Our goal this weekend is to book our hostels. After we book them we will be finished with all the big expenses (YAY as well as Oh, God, I'm broke). The rest of our money will go towards food, attractions, and random travel expenses.

So. I'm kind of in charge of figuring out Germany. I think I've devised a plan that just might work. Land in Dusseldorf, train to Cologne. Stay in Cologne two nights. One day of travel stopping in Frankfurt, Mainz, and Rothenburg (or some other mix of cities) ending in Munich where we stay for two nights. After that we head towards France stopping in Neuschwantsteingburlgheifran to see the castle that the Sleeping Beauty Castle was modeled after.

I'm a little nervous about the rail system. I've been trying to figure out times and platforms and I am pretty confused. I'm sure once its all in German and I'm there surrounded by people who might not speak English to help me, I will be all the more distraught. Plus, did you see the Little People Big World where Zach and Jeremy are trying to navigate their way around Europe. If they had issues with a whole film crew just think what problems we will encounter.

Hostels are looking a bit pricier than I thought they would be. Turns out the cities that we have picked to travel to just happen to have the most expensive hostels. Of course. I found two hostels, one in Cologne and one in Munich, that are about $26 bucks a night. One includes free all you can eat German buffet. I will put them out of business. So hostels in Germany alone are going to be about $104 total. Not exactly the ideal price for someone on a budget, but just as Tim Gun would say, we'll make it work!

I am finding that many cities have CityCards or Welcome Cards or some other equivalent that will give us major discounts on museums and free travel. Thats pretty nifty. That means there will be absolutely no hesitation whatsoever to visit the Schokoladenmuseum. Sound it out. Thats right. CHOCOLATE MUSEUM! "The highlight is the chocolate fountain where white-clad attendants hand out freshly created samples." First stop when we get off the train.

Anyways, more planning to come tomorrow. June 16th is fast approaching!

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The Beginning Of The End Of My Stash Of Money

Donations accepted.

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Emily, Monica, and I made significant progress in planning our trip today. We ended up cutting down to four destinations (London, somewhere in Germany, somewhere in France, and somewhere in Ireland). It just made more sense money and time-wise. After hours of scouring the web for cheap flights we booked two. One flight from London to Dusseldorf and another from Paris to Dublin. In between the two flights we're getting a Eurail pass for Germany and France. So the plan is to traverse the countries by rail, hitting up as many sights as we can!

When we planned all the big travel expenses out it came to about $400 per person and we were pretty stoked with that. Then we started actually booking things and those pesky little fees started popping up out of nowhere. So a flight that was listed at $18 ended up costing $57. That kind of bummed us out, but we also expected it. Its worth it for the experience we'll get.

Monica has been doing extensive research on France. She's mapping out the best route for us, looking up hostels, and brushing up on her French so she gets to be the designated tour guide/speaker for France. I'm trying to learn German to help out while we're there. I can count to ten and say I can speak German. Hopefully by then I will know how. At least a little.

Perhaps "We are poor college students and would like to eat at your restaurant for free" would be a good phrase to learn...

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Fifty euros a day, eh?

Curse you, travel book.

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I just bought The Rough Guide to Europe On A Budget in hopes of picking cities and hostels and things to do and places to see, etc., etc. Oh, boy.

I'll be studying in London for six weeks with my roommate Emily and 47 other Cal Poly students. After that my other roommate, Monica, will meet up with us to traverse Western Europe. We've got two weeks to get cultured. As of now we plan to hit Ireland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Not sure which cities yet. It all seems a bit daunting now, but we're so, so incredibly excited!

So, fellow travelers, any Euro tips?
1279 pages of info? Commence reading.

1279 pages of info? Commence reading.

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