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I think I may have to write every day in order to accurately remember what I've been doing... these past couple of days are blending together. I can't believe Saturday night is already here. One more day then school starts!

Lets see... what happened after I last wrote? We spent a good long while wandering through Kensington Gardens. It is HUGE! And beautiful! The parks here are a lot less structured than the parks at home. Much more natural. While there are several flower beds, some of the park is actually kept wild to maintain the country feeling that was originally there. We originally set out to find the Peter Pan statue that J.M. Barrie mysteriously placed there for his readers, but the park is so big and full of things to see that we never found it. Instead we found lakes, fountains, statues, monuments, gardens, and so much more. We didn't even get through half of the park!

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens at the beginning of The Long Waters

Kensington Gardens at the beginning of The Long Waters



After Kensington Gardens we wandered around High Street Kensington and got Emily some clothes to wear. (P.S. She got her luggage today!) Then we hopped on the tube with no exact destination in mind. We were adventuring. We decided to get off at Baker Street and find Sherlock Holmes's place. We found it, but not much else around. We walked around for a while then it started to rain so we got on a bus back towards the tube station to find somewhere to eat. We ended up in a fairly nice (and expensive... woops) pub. We knew it was nice because there were no TVs to watch the game on. We all got fish and chips and I got my first British beer. Despite the price, it was a nice atmosphere for a quiet dinner. Finally we headed home to lounge about and, of course, sleep.

Today was also pretty eventful! We kicked off our morning with a couch tour of London. The tour guide pointed out tons of places (many of them free!) to check out. We took a break mid-tour at St. Paul's Cathedral for coffee then got back on for the last leg of our tour. After that tour ended we headed back to the flat for lunch then prepared for ANOTHER tour. This next tour was a walking tour of Kensington. Our tour guide, Britt, had great information and hilarious anecdotes to share. Apparently we live right around the corner from where Virginia Woolf grew up and where the founder of Boy Scouts, Baden Powell, lived. I am finding out more and more that not only is our area very pricey, but it is also very exclusive.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Exploring Kensington

Exploring Kensington

After our tour Emily, Kelsey, Nicole, Laura, two of the guys, and I walked around Kensington a bit more before heading back. Later us girls went out for dinner at Da Mario, Princess Diana's favorite pizza place. Delicious! Then we stopped at a little cafe for coffee and pastries.

Now it seems just Emily, Kelsey, and I are left in the flat as everyone else is either at a play or out in the clubs. As much as I'd love to continue exploring the nightlife here, a quiet night sounds so relaxing! Also, the pubs close at 11 and I'm not much for clubs. Besides, I'm saving money for the German Beer Halls and the Irish Pubs!


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London Life

...slowly figuring it out.


Hello from London!

We have arrived and are all settled in our flat in Kensington! The flat is OLD so it is less than perfect. Plumbing is a bit of an issue and there is NO water pressure. Showering was quite the ordeal last night. Hopefully they can do something about it or my showers will be few and far between. Emily, Diana, and I are on the second floor in one room. There's five or so rooms on our floor, a kitchen, and a common area.

Our flat (the white one) from the street.

Our flat (the white one) from the street.

The room I share with Emily and Diana.

The room I share with Emily and Diana.

Flat 2 Common Room

Flat 2 Common Room

Yesterday we took a little walking tour of Kensington. Then Emily, Nicole, Kelsey, and myself went grocery shopping and got dinner at a little Italian place nearby. I am currently eating the leftovers and drinking some Sainsbury's Apple, grape & raspberry juice. It tastes JUST like raspberry sherbet. So weird.

Poor Emily still has no word of her luggage. Apparently they haven't even found it yet. At the moment she's in some of my clothes, but we're stopping by TK Maxx (not TJ!) and H&M later after we wander around Hyde Park.

If anyone would like to Skype me I would appreciate it greatly. Just tell me when!

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Ohhhh, Canadaaa!

(Lauren and I never learned the rest.)


Hello, all! I am in Calgary, Canada! As I have nothing better to do for the next six hours I figured I'd write a little entry.

Part 1 of 2 on my journey to London went well.

I woke up at 3:50 AM to rabid wild boar noises. I had NO idea what was going on and, frankly, I was scared for my life. Wild boars are not supposed to be in my bedroom, and especially not at that hour. I sat on my bed for a while freaking out and trying to figure out what was going on. Turns out Alex thought it'd be a wonderful going away gift to hide an iPod stereo under my bed and scare me to death. Just a little going away gift.

Dad dropped me off at LAX for my flight at 7:25. I accidentally bypassed a line of thirty or so at check in. Woops. In my defense I've never flown alone. And it was early. And everyone was just standing around confused anyways. I took charge, dangit! After going through security (they only went through my suspicious looking bag once) I bought a way overpriced coffee and muffin, and waited to board. The flight went by pretty fast. There was some turbulence, but that doesn't bother me at all. I just put on a movie and slept most of the way. I woke up as we were about to descend. It is rainy here and their was ice on the windows so either it's pretty cold or there were dementors running around. One of the two.

So now that I've eaten I'm just sitting in the shopping area waiting for Emily to show up. Hope she arrives early too, and that I can find her!

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Prepare for takeoff.

This is Major Tom to Ground Control...


Departure is nigh, folks!

Five days from now yours truly will be headed to Canada! Yes, Canada! The land of meese, and hockey, and maple leafs, oh my!

Then, after a lengthy layover (after which I will have procured my small Canadian Flag to pin to my backpack and accent, eh?), I will be on yet another giant metal bird (with Emily in tow) to ENGLAND! God save the Queen! Pip pip cheerio! Tea and crumpets, and such!

As of now I have completed 3 out of 4 loads of laundry. Soon I must get down to business and decide which lucky items of clothing get to accompany me across the pond. It will be a difficult couple of hours, I'm sure. I still need to gather all of my documents, find shoes, and then whine about how everything I want to bring won't fit. Ah, packing.

Three more days in SLO and two in SCV. Get in your time with the Lindsay you know now while you can, people, because when I return I'm going to be cultured! And probably British.

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Let The Countdown Begin!

(22 days)

With such little time left before I head off to Europe I can barely concentrate on school. All I want to do now is plan and shop and plan some more!

We had our pre-departure meeting for London Study last week. There's a total of 47 of us going. Much more than their usual 20 or so. Our apartments are right on the edge of Hyde Park in Kensington (the most expensive part of London). Classes 9-2 Monday through Thursday, day trips, and 16 plays to see. We'll be extra busy! Can't wait!

My ISIC Card has arrived (though it says I'm heading to Phoenix, Arizona) and my Eurail Pass has also showed up (apparently I'm a Mrs.). Emily and I are still looking for a place to stay for a night semi-close to Dublin. I'm almost tempted to just wait until we get there and let the locals tell us where to go. A friend did tell us to check out a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. It looks amazing. If we can afford it, it will definitely make it's way into our trip. So there's already bumps in the road, but everything seems to be working out in the end. I'm betting that will be the theme for the summer. Looking forward to it!

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